Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Wedding

The music was loud and fast and young, like what you hear in clubs. I saw my grandfather sitting by himself staring at the dance floor.
"Hi, Grandpa. You doing OK?"
"Oh, yes. I'm just daydreaming. I love this crazy music. What do they call it? The rap. I love it!"
I wasn't the only one who noticed him sitting alone. He also told my dad, my sister and my cousin how much he loved the music when each one interrupted his daydream.


T September 3, 2011 at 11:03 PM  

Your grandfather is amazing! I just love him so much! I'm so proud to say he's my great uncle!

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I Love a Good Quote

"For human beings it is impossible, but not for God. All things are possible for God." ~Mark 10:27

"Focus. There's no reason to have a Plan B. It distracts from Plan A." ~Will Smith

"Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good." ~Voltaire

"Always remember that Dead Freakin' Last is better than Did Not Finish which is way better than Did Not Start." ~Allison

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