Thursday, June 28, 2012


A few things about my visit to the Sunshine State:
1. After staying up all night, my mom picked me up in a limo and we drank champagne at 4 in the morning on our way to the airport, like rock stars.
2. SFO is surprisingly busy at 5 a.m.
3. Florida is green.
4. I don't really mind humidity, at least not the way everyone else minds humidity.
5. But I really, really do mind the crazy scary wildlife that thrives in humid, lush climates. Like the fire ants that covered my right foot while I innocently stood in my sister's yard. My reaction was to scream and shake my leg. My sister told me to stand still and then she wiped the ants off me with her bare hands. After that, I felt like I was in a horror movie every time I stepped outside.
6. Did you hear about Tropical Storm Debby? We did on every news channel and every non-news channel. And then there was the tornado warning in our county, and an actual tornado that touched down 20 miles north of us. My mom studied the hotel evacuation plan and was ready to jump into the bathtub with blankets.
7. All in all, Florida is not my favorite place in the world, but it is home to some of my favorite people.


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