Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekend Review

A weekend review on Wednesday. Sure, why not.
This last weekend was sort of a big deal because John went on a two-night spiritual retreat, and Gianna and I survived being alone.
(Well, as alone as you get when your parents live 2.2 miles from your house and your husband is gone for a whole 45 hours.)
After dropping off John at the Our Lady of Santa Clara Retreat House, we made a surprise visit to see Gianna's great grandpa, Big Papa Aldo.

Then we headed to Nonna and Papa's house, where I was fed and my mom played with Gianna until the poor baby was completely worn out.

Saturday was a busy day of cleaning. I cleaned. My mom cleaned. And then the professional cleaning people showed up. Professional cleaning is a big treat around here and so exciting.

That night, because I was alone and hate the dark, I stayed up late and made pumpkin-apple-cranberry-pecan bread for the first time. 

Sunday morning, Gianna and I made it to Mass (15 minutes late), and we were both in one piece albeit exhausted when we picked up John that afternoon.


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